Consider Me Miles Davis

Earlier today, I was telling Katie about this video of the Juggalo Gathering that I sometimes watch when I’ve had a really bad day at work. You’d think that the general themes of stupidity, filth, and terrible music would make my day worse, but really, it’s sort of uplifting. Yes, the participants are almost heartbreakingly dumb and I imagine the smell of the festival site to resemble a “foetid stench” of Lovecraftian proportions, and, again, that music is completely awful, but it’s really just doofy kids trying to have a good time.

So I found the video and sent it to her, and while I was there, YouTube suggested another. Then THIS happened:

And you know, when a methy Juggalette looks at directly into the camera and says your name, you feel a terror deep in your bones. It radiates throughout your body, from the follicles atop your head to the tender flesh along your ribcage to the backs of your knees to your urethra. Because yes, that was enough to make me want to piss my pants.

Consider Me Miles Davis

Ali in the Jungle, The Hours
Ageless Beauty, Stars
Firecracker, Voxtrot
No One Sleeps When I’m Awake, The Sounds
Supernova, Liz Phair
Philomena’s Waltz, Sxip Shirey
Wooden Heart, Listener
Fresh Breeze, Dr. Dog
Stars of Leo, M. Ward
To Begin, Alela Diane and Wild Divine
Inexorably, Zoe Boekbinder
Troubles Like Mine, Gun Outfit
The Mystery Zone, Spoon
Too Afraid to Love You, The Black Keys
Dare I Say, The Strange Boys
King of the Sea, Shannon and the Clams
Fuck Her Tears, Times New Viking
The Complete History of Greenland, The Capstan Shafts
Big Burned Hand, Iron & Wine
The Well and the Lighthouse, Arcade Fire
Barcelona, The Builders and the Butchers
The Coming Days, Hello Echo
Big Wave, Jenny and Johnny
Never Saw It Coming, Tigers Jaw
Sun, Sun, Sun, The Elected

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