Surely Not

Minutes after the news broke about Amy Winehouse being found dead, I tweeted:

“It’s probably classier to be found dead in a London flat than in an American apartment.”

For the next five minutes, I watched other tweets appear in my feed describing Amy Winehouse’s death as tragedy, both because she was a talented singer and there is (allegedly) nothing funny about addiction. Now, I don’t really frequently joke about drug addiction and I do agree that she was a talented singer, but a tragedy? Surely you jest. So I tweeted:

“Also, Amy Winehouse dying is not “tragic.” Tragedy is a bomb and mass shooting in Oslo. This was a statistical inevitability.”

Then I lost a few followers. Nobody I know in real life or any of the people I like enough to be bothered by their unfollowing of me, and really, it doesn’t upset me to know that there are a few less people in the world who are interested in my 140-character blurts of idiocy. Plus, I think what I tweeted was far more sensitive than what I was thinking, which was that Amy Winehouse was a poorly-parented idiot who led a toxic life marked by one really good album, and that anyone who calls this a tragedy isn’t paying sufficient attention to the rest of the world. I was also thinking that I’m really sick of actor-comics trying to tell everyone what is and isn’t funny. I mean, I’m sure there are funnier things in the world than wealthy drug addicts who spectacularly burn out in public, but there are way more funnier things in the world than making guest appearances on The King of Queens.

What’s funnier than both is the show I reviewed for KDHX last night.* The headliner was a lot better than I was expecting, but the two teenage opener bands from West County were hilarious in a wretched, soul-destroying, sound abortion kind of way. At one point, the lead singer of one band announced the name of a song.

Me: Did that kid just say “Boxing Uterus?”

Craig: Surely not…wait, is he old enough to know what a uterus does?


* The piece hasn’t been posted as of 2:43pm today, which is sort of strange but then I’ve never really submitted anything over the weekend before. I don’t know if this is because my editor just hasn’t gotten to it yet, or because a reference I made to Top Gun was too weird.

EDITED TO ADD: Review posted here. Top Gun reference included!

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7 Responses to Surely Not

  1. Roy says:

    Your editor, alas, had to cover a bluegrass show on KDHX this morning, so he was behind. However, he should make clear, that while he likes Springsteen, he does not like Top Gun.

  2. Zach says:

    Your review of the openers for Empires was rude and un-called for. You don’t bash the bands that bring the fans. As a fellow music blogger, it’s hard to respect a reviewer who criticizes underage local bands without being constructive. Both Tidal Volume and Drop Avenue were merely trying their best to play a fun show for the friends and family they had guilted into buying $10 tickets to come see them. Without the openers, Empires wouldn’t have even had a crowd. I feel bad for KDHX that an impolite, bitter, lonely blogger is the best person they could get to write that review. Although, judging from how much you blog and tweet, I’m happy for you that you finally left your/your parents’ basement. And don’t pretend you’re some hardcore ex-rocker who “lived punk rock” just because you have tattoos and live in the city. The song that you claimed Tidal Volume ripped off of Jim Carroll/The Ramones wasn’t even their song; it was a crummy My Chemical Romance cover played at the request of a good friend of the band. ( That was about as close to so-called “punk” that Tidal Volume’s music ever came their entire set. Yes, they live in the St. Louis suburbs, but they weren’t trying to be something they’re not, so neither should you. Luckily, I doubt anyone reads your blog, so it probably won’t harm the reputation of either of the teenage, up-and-coming bands you bashed. If you ever decide to stop hiding behind your computer and get onstage to entertain a crowd, I’d be happy to lend you a guitar and sing back-up vocals. In the meantime, learn to respect the young bands that keep the St. Louis music scene alive. Even if you don’t like them, you don’t have to make fun of them, their families, and their fans. You’re entitled to your opinion, but you’re not entitled to blatantly ridicule people who did nothing to deserve it. If you’d like to discuss this further, feel free to reply below.

    Oh, and Top Gun is terrible.

    • erineph says:

      So you’re a “fellow music blogger” as well as responsible for guitars, keys, and vocals for Tidal Volume (at least according to the Facebook page, which, as a music writer, I did check out in addition to the show that I was asked to review)? Sounds like you’re a very busy and clever young man. I wish you the very best in your continuing efforts.

  3. secretsouttamyhead says:

    OMG, Erin, your, like, such a BiTcH…. aaaaand this is why I love you.

    (yes, I intentionally used the incorrect “your/you’re”. kids these days and their misuse of “your/you’re”… makes me crazy.)

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