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She Bein’ a Drama Queen

Last week at the Garden, I had a conversation with some people about our preferred grocery stores. Actually, I kind of butted in on someone else’s conversation, but it involved more than two people already and they mentioned a store … Continue reading

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A few of my friends are in the midst of breakups right now. And not regular, casual, mutual breakups, either, not like the ones we had when we were younger and drunker and were confident that not only were there … Continue reading

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Keep Dreaming, Fatass

Something about the weekends has really started to bum me out. I don’t know if it’s all the sleep I’m finally allowed to get (hey everyone I know who isn’t childless, sorry I am so awesome!) or the knowledge that … Continue reading

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Survival Skills

It’s always a good idea to do your traveling in the off season, both because it’s cheaper and because there are less sofa-sized people wearing Crocs trundling 4 people-wide through airport terminals as if you’re not behind them and you … Continue reading

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You and Tony

As I left work this evening, I noticed that I had received a text message from a number I didn’t recognize: Sender to Me: Have fun trying to help Tony out you are a stupid bitch and I hope you … Continue reading

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Sit Down and Tell Me All About It

I recently started watching Head Case on Netflix Instant and it’s perfect for me. Head Case was apparently on Starz for awhile, and it’s about a therapist (Alexandra Wentworth) who lives in hotels and has celebrity clients. I’ve always had … Continue reading

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Thanks to the Dirtbags

Holy shit, have I been drinking a lot lately. The other night, I came home to a sweltering apartment (I’m on the second floor of a flat-roofed building with a gigantic antique stained glass window in the front, which is … Continue reading

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