Cooking With Gas

I love pretty much everything about this SPAM comment, from the name of the author to the comment itself to the blog entry that generated it.  This is why I do the Internet, everyone:

It’s only Tuesday, but the Internet has totally dominated my life so far this week.  Namely, The Val Kilmer Project.  It exploded on Sunday while I got drunk at the baseball game.  On my way home, I called Brennan to find out what the hell was going on, and apparently, Val Kilmer had taken notice.

Well.  Sort of.  His Facebook profile is legitimate and linked on his official website, but he also has probably thousands of friends and try as I might, I just can’t twist my brain around the thought of Val Kilmer sitting at his laptop while eating a bag of pita chips.  (Actually, I prefer far more ludicrous scenarios for Imaginary Val Kilmer to participate in, such as intravenously ingesting candy when he has a bad day and having a pet cemetery on his property.)

So I called the alleged Val Kilmer out on it and got educated by the official fan page, and then I apologized and assured Possibly Val Kilmer But Probably Some Web Monkey Assistant Pretending To Be Val Kilmer that I liked his hat.  And really, Real Val Kilmer or not, that profile liking our page drove participation way up, and most of these people seem to find us funny.  I should mention, though, that a good portion of these people are German and, while very enthusiastic, may not always understand what we’re talking about.

Perhaps depressingly, the increased traffic on The Val Kilmer Project has made my regular workdays a little less shitty.  Now, instead of going home to drink beer while grinding my teeth at the television, I go home and answer foreigners’ questions about Val Kilmer.  Okay, fine, it’s a weird thing to do and not everyone understands that what we’re doing is ridiculous (I’m talking to you, cadre of German women who debated whether or not “Val drink alcoholic beverages.”  Who fucking cares in any direction, let’s just find pictures where he looks drunk and compare them to our own hangovers).  But it gives me something to do with my evenings that doesn’t necessarily involve hating my life.  And again, I’m not sure if this is depressing or not, but at this point, I’ll take what I can get.

Besides, I’d rather have the Germans like Val Kilmer than David Hasselhoff.  I am as big of a fan of bizarre national stereotypes as anyone, but I think that when it comes to Germany, we should all be a little more careful.

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  1. Becky says:

    I didn’t realize Val Kilmer’s profile “liked” your project page! Shit just got real.

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