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Carnival of Rage and Frustration

In case you live in St. Louis and were wondering, the Carnival of Rage and Frustration is the Starbucks on Chippewa and Lansdowne. I had some time to kill before I got my hurr cut and, because I was in … Continue reading

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Because I felt like being a good person doing something constructive with my time that did not involve posting bullshit about Val Kilmer, I volunteered as a Web writer for KDHX. I went to the orientation, gave someone my Top … Continue reading

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Sorry About Your Irony

At least I brought an umbrella today. That’s the only thing I can think of. That at least I looked outside this morning and thought it was just hazy and gray enough to bring an umbrella to work. And hey, … Continue reading

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(This entry has nothing to do with Japan, I’m just making a second effort to watch Enter the Void at the moment. Christ, I don’t even think I would have liked this back when I was getting high.) Whenever I … Continue reading

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Before There Was Shame

There’s something I want to show you. I want to introduce it first, though, because it is admittedly strange, stupid, and possibly attractive of the attention of some really hard-up pedophiles. Katie has been my best friend since kindergarten. She’s … Continue reading

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Very Good, You Want a Cookie?

As it turns out, I did not die in a tornado.  I also didn’t go down to the basement, because I looked at the cats and decided that I couldn’t possibly take them both down there again, both because they’re … Continue reading

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A Few Things Before I Die

So…did you know that if you’re in St. Louis, you’re supposed to die from a tornado tonight?  There have been warnings all over the place since this morning, with the entire storm system not supposed to leave the news station’s … Continue reading

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