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Personal Garbage

Graham and I had a conversation about the Internet yesterday.  He’s on it more now that he has a laptop, but he says it’s mostly to look at bike parts and hats.  He does read more of this blog, though, … Continue reading

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Inappropriate Things To Do With Your Fingers

1. Fingergun. On Saturday, I went with Brennan and that blind bastard Phillips to a homebrewing competition in Ste. Genevieve.  Because Phillips is, as I said, a blind bastard, I stood behind the table in case of pouring emergencies when … Continue reading

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Yes, Someday

Once upon time, I wrote about how glad I am that the Internet – in its current state – did not exist during my adolescence.  I would have had way too much access to information and way too many opportunities … Continue reading

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Oysters Don’t Have Assholes

At least, I don’t think oysters have assholes.  I checked the oysters I ate last night for assholes; actually I checked them for anatomy in general.  Without being stoned at all and I only had two stouts at this point … Continue reading

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Dear Bleeding Hearts of the Internet

Has everyone seen that “Friday” video by Rebecca Black?  I thought so.  If you’re the one person who hasn’t seen it, get the fuck out and don’t come back until you learn the Internet.  I can’t even link it here.  … Continue reading

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The Answer to Things, Life, Whatnot

NO. That’s the answer I wish I could have given about 70% of the people I dealt with today.  NO.  Just that one word.  No accompanying explanation.  No follow up apology.  Just NO.  And not even strictly as an answer … Continue reading

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Listen Here, Motherfucker

People are always asking me why Graham and I don’t live together.  To them, it’s incomprehensible that two people can be in a relationship for several years without living together; it’s like there’s an alarm that goes off around the … Continue reading

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