A Date If You’re Me

Graham and I are going to see Black Swan today.  This is weeks later than everyone else, which is How Life Works when I have a regular job and he’s a sous chef.  I’ve said before that if you ever want to be alone on weekends and holidays, you should date a cook.  Or a valet driver, which is what he did when he wasn’t working in a kitchen.

(Although perhaps I shouldn’t have said “be alone.”  I just meant “without your significant other,” because the only times I’m alone are when I choose to be.  Like on Fridays, when my idea of a perfect night is to get drunk on wine and watch bad movies before I’m in bed by 10:30pm.  Not like on Saturdays, when I go to birthday parties and late bars with my friends because Graham doesn’t leave work until 2am.  The point was that if you require a kiss at midnight on New Year’s or just because every weekend night, probably you shouldn’t be me.)

(It is possible, though, that my Friday nights might get a little less alone, because Katie J’s spouse works late on Fridays, too, and she also likes to watch bad movies.  At Stephanie’s grilled cheese birthday party last night, we decided that on some future Friday nights, we’ll watch bad movies together.  She’ll make stuff with clay and I’ll drink and say things about it on the Internet.  This is how new friends happen!)

(If you ever want an awesome birthday party theme, I suggest turning 30 and stealing Stephanie’s idea.  If grilled cheese had been the theme of my prom, I would have been queen of that bitch.)

(I made onion-fennel-apple jam for the party.  Now my house smells like White Castles.  I’m not very upset about this.)

So anyway.  Since Sunday is the only day Graham and I are both off work, we’re going to see Black Swan.  All of you have already seen it, so maybe you could just listen to some music or something.

He Didn’t Even Know About the Lesbian Sex Scene Until Recently

15 Punk Rockers Pounding a Piano Into Junk, Sxip Shirey
Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You), The Old 97’s
Memories Are Made of This, The Saints
Treat Her Right, Los Straightjackets
You Got Me Whistling, Johnnie Allan
Slow Drag With Josephine, Elvis Costello
Father’s Son, Fistful of Mercy
Scumbag Blues, Them Crooked Vultures
Come See Me, The Pretty Things
My Guitar, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
Yellow Coat, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Prodigal Son, The Rolling Stones
For Lovers, Local H
Service and Repair, Calexico
Orgy of the Damned, Brown Recluse
Maddening Cloud, Blonde Redhead
Elder Chels, Sleepy Kitty
The Good Fight, We Landed On The Moon!
This Will Be Our Year
, The Zombies
I’m Gonna Forget About You, Sam Cooke
Careless Love, Ray Charles
I Saw Her At the Anti-War Demonstration, Jens Lekman
There’s Not A Step We Can Take That Does Not Bring Us Closer, Jason Webley
Walking Far From Home, Iron and Wine

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