Lazer Justice

Update on the little bastards with the laser pointer:

While walking through the yard with groceries the other day, I noticed a note in my backyard.  Because it had been very windy the night before, I assumed anything on yellow notepaper that had been taped closed was probably originally intended for someone’s front door.  And if not my door, then at least I could submit it to Found Magazine.

Opening the note, I saw that it was a response from the neighbors across the street.  The ones I’d left the below note for a couple of days before:

“If you have kids and they have a laser pointer, please take it away from them.  They have been shining it into my apartment – and into my eyes, which can cause blindness – for the past two nights.  Please let them know that next time, I’m calling the cops.  Thanks!”

I taped it to their front door in a neighborly effort.  I figured going over there in person was confrontational (plus I was already wearing pajamas at the time), and just calling the cops without warning was a real dick move.  The note I received in returned was clearly written by a kid, but at least it was a kid who’s still afraid of the cops:

Dear Across Apartment Up Stairs,

Were are so sorry my brother has been shining a lazer it u’re apartmant. I’ll make sure he doesnt get a lazer anymore. He was punchid so don’t worry about him shooting a lazer in your eyes or apartment Again were sorry.

Your Nieghboors
Across the street up stairs

I mean, aside from the spelling and grammar, this note is…kind of adorable.  Not quite as adorable as the below video, but at least the note doesn’t make me wonder if my uterus is really as destroyed as I’d previously thought/hoped.  Or make me want to play the guitar.

(Maybe not as adorable: this week, people have found my blog by Googling “tasty food” and “cats making biscuits.”  Which is, sadly, kind of my whole life.)

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  1. secretsouttamyhead says:

    That note is super cute. I really like that his brother got punched for shining the laser into your apartment. I’m pretty sure the hipster over in the armchair here at Starbucks must think I am insane for laughing so hard, but whatever… I’m going to go punch HIM now and shave off his hipster beard.

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