A Zany Sense of Humor

Ohmygod.  I rediscovered this video (in case it doesn’t post below) last night.  I posted it about a year ago and lost it while manually exporting from Blog City to WordPress.  Because the video would be out of place (awesome, but out of place) without context, here’s the relevant portion of the original entry from the Little Corner of Moron:

Fiala: Which one of those guys would you choose to sleep with?

Me: Ughhhh….

Brennan: Oh no.

Me: Probably the idiot with the rose who keeps calling women goddesses.  I’m sure I’ve already slept with some version of him at one point or another.

Brennan: (about Fred, the Viking guy with computer programmer glasses from 1981) That man is going to die alone.

Me: I think he already has.

Brennan: Someone’s going to light him on fire and send him out to sea.  It’s a traditional Viking funeral.

Me: But in this case, it’s less of a funeral and more of a lighting a corpse on fire on a boat.

Fiala: (about the guy with a laundry list of things he doesn’t want, including “fatties” and “hamsters”) What the hell is a Donna Juanita?

Me: I don’t know, I’m Googling it….oh, it’s a female Don Juan.  I thought he just meant no Puerto Ricans.

Fiala: You can tell that man has had his house robbed several times…by tramps.

Me: I can picture him walking out of his bedroom in the morning, wearing a pair of ill-fitting boxers and knee socks.

Fiala: Maybe to get his cup of morning Sanka.

Me: Looks around.  Like, “Well, shit.  She got me again.”

Fiala: Damn you, Cinnamon.

*(Evil Seth Green at 3:35!)

**(Somebody please find out if any of these guys is still alive/not in prison/has not transitioned to the female gender by now.)

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3 Responses to A Zany Sense of Humor

  1. fiala of fiala and dalton fame says:

    the correct spelling is “Sinnamon”

  2. Vern says:

    Thank you for bringing that video into my laugh. Still laughing! I hope viking guy found someone to groom his vest for him and polish his horns. And I hope “Body Designer” guy didn’t bring notes to whatever date he got from this video, THAT would make the date awkward.

  3. Vern says:

    *into my life.

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