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There’s No Pain Like Champagne

Happy New Year, motherfuckers!  Please excuse the expletive, I’ll have to tell you all about it later.  A few years ago, my New Year’s resolution was to take at least 24 hours to post anything I wrote in anger, and … Continue reading

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How To Get Kicked In the Dick At Camp

One of the biggest disappointments about my adolescence was that none of the boys in my grade school looked like the boys on TV.  I don’t mean in terms of general attractiveness, because even then I realized that the people … Continue reading

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Last night, Graham and I found a show on TLC called “My Strange Addiction.”  Normally we don’t watch TLC together because all of its shows seem to be about the morbidly obese or the morbidly procreative.  Graham can’t stand really … Continue reading

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The Year of Balls Deep

Every year, I start thinking about a “Year In Review” blog sometime before Christmas.  Then I forget about it because I still have a few weeks left, and by the time I remember again (anytime between the 28th and New … Continue reading

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How I Got a Machete For Christmas

Standard Question: “What did you get for Christmas?” Awesome Answer: “A Kindle and a machete.” For the past two years, my mother has given me electronic things that I didn’t ask for but ended up loving.  Last year, it was … Continue reading

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Right Above a Dirty Bookstore Off Euclid Avenue

IT’S A CHRISTMAS MEEEER-ACLE!  The Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker I got for my nephew – the one that was originally lost and falsely reported as delivered by US “We Don’t Give A Fuck” PS – arrived this morning!  USPS said it … Continue reading

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Where You Shop At?

If you’re reading this from a location outside of metropolitan St. Louis, it’s probable that you cringed at my title.  It’s all sorts of incorrect.  I know this.  But if your location is within St. Louis, specifically within St. Louis … Continue reading

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Signed, Two Idiots

Disclaimer Re: Work-Related Posts: Seriously, if we work together and we’re not friends on Facebook, Twitter, or in real life, then you have no business being here.  I don’t know how you found this but I’d rather you leave.  I … Continue reading

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But What Does It All MEAN?

The thing about being tattooed on a large-enough-to-be-visible scale is that, unless you’re a douchebag who uses tattoos to get attention by keeping them exposed at all times, you usually forget you have them.  I’m always surprising myself when I … Continue reading

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Britpop and Attention

I was getting my laptop fixed at The Mud House a few weeks ago when one of the owners he liked my article about the Dresden Dolls show. “Uhhhhhhh,” I said, because I am a genius at wordsmithing. “Or maybe … Continue reading

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