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The Internet Is A Creature

Whenever I think about the Internet, I feel really grateful that it wasn’t around when I was 13.  I mean, it existed, but not in its current state. Note to any kids who might be reading this, even though my … Continue reading

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Bullets Over the South Side

Graham and Ian are competing in ALIVE Magazine’s Top Chef St. Louis thing on Sunday, and I think you should all show up and hang out.  Provided you vote for them, of course, which you totally will because we brainstormed … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Anyway

Current favorite hipster band name: Passive Aggressive Grammar Police Continue reading

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The First Drunkest Weekend in October

Everything in my life right now is about people getting married. Clearly, this requires alcohol. Continue reading

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Anti Brunch

Coffee plus bacon plus shut the fuck up kids and old people is not the hardest equation in the world. SOLVE IT, EVERYONE. Continue reading

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Woobs At Work

My fucking job. Continue reading

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Weddings make me nauseous. Except for the free booze and free cake. Those can stay. Continue reading

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