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Been Exportin’

Blog City says my subscription is extended for 2 more weeks until the WordPress export is available, but because time was running out and I was getting nervous, I started manually exporting a few days ago.  Exporting 250-something blog entries … Continue reading

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I Just Can’t, Vol. 1: People Who Make You Take Off Your Shoes In Their House

The problem with coming up with really great categories for your blog is that you never think of them all in the beginning.  An awesome idea always comes after you’ve been writing for awhile, long enough that combing through your … Continue reading

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How To Eat Your Feelings

Now that I’ve had some time to calm down from the weekend, I’m still sort of pissed.  I actually had an itemized list of Pissed Off Things, but I deleted it because that’s a real dick move and it’s not … Continue reading

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Winery Blues

I’m writing this from our villa at the winery (which is a very rich person thing to say, bragging!).  There’s wi-fi here, which is what’s helping me type from the bedroom.  I would type in the living room, but some … Continue reading

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Some Things Last For a Long Time

My favorite thing about going on a trip is packing.  And it’s not really the packing that I like so much, it’s the making a list of things to pack.  These lists are the sort of thing that should be … Continue reading

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The Lot Parks You

Not long ago, Graham’s friend Dustin got married.  Before leaving for his honeymoon, Dustin told Graham that if he could get the giant TV out of Dustin’s apartment, he could have it for free.  Dustin’s now-wife had a better, thinner … Continue reading

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A Lie In Three Parts

Or, Bitch Be Trippin’. PART I In case you didn’t know, Graham works at SubZero now.  The Stable ended for reasons I can’t physically go into right now because my brain will explode with rage.  Some other time, I guess.  … Continue reading

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The Internet Is A Creature

Whenever I think about the Internet, I feel really grateful that it wasn’t around when I was 13.  I mean, it existed, but not in its current state. Note to any kids who might be reading this, even though my … Continue reading

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Bullets Over the South Side

Graham and Ian are competing in ALIVE Magazine’s Top Chef St. Louis thing on Sunday, and I think you should all show up and hang out.  Provided you vote for them, of course, which you totally will because we brainstormed … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Anyway

Current favorite hipster band name: Passive Aggressive Grammar Police Continue reading

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