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Ephemera Etc. is one year old today!  Blog City tech support says my subscription has been extended until November, at which point the WordPress export should be available and I’ll move there.  I’ll remind everyone then, but in case you’d … Continue reading

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Fake Science

Hooray, I can breathe today!  It still hurts to sneeze, but one night of making myself sleep on my back (felt weird and caused bizarre dreams; what is my subconscious supposed to learn from going to Portugal with Graham’s ex-girlfriend?) … Continue reading

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Did Atreyu Have Back Pain?

I hurt my back.  I hurt my back while I was sleeping, which is the lamest way to hurt your back ever, and not nearly as oh-jesus-christ-that-must-have-hurt-so-bad-impressive as the last way I hurt my back, which was by slipping on … Continue reading

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You Need This

The other night, I was reading a magazine while my 3-year-old nephew ate dinner. “Wait wait wait!” he yelled. “What?” “You have to go back and get that,” he said and pointed to the magazine. I flipped backwards and saw … Continue reading

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