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Full disclosure: I am hopped to the gills on Allegra D, which eliminates your allergies and makes you feel like you ate a trailer park’s worth in methamphetamine.  Initially, I resisted anything stronger than OTC Zyrtec (actually it’s generic cousin, … Continue reading

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Women’s Troubles

I locked my stupid keys in my stupid car today.  After a shitty day at work, I stopped by the grocery store and didn’t realize that not only had I locked my keys in the car, but my car was … Continue reading

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Team Bayside

You know that headache you get where it feels like your whole head is strapped in a vise, and you can’t make it better because a) you’re probably grinding your teeth at night and b) your hair is too dirty … Continue reading

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Rock Over London, Rock On Chicago

I saw Pirate Radio the other night.  I liked it a lot; even the played-out classic rock radio standards were well-used and seemed fresh, since the movie did a good job of conveying the context of it taking place in … Continue reading

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I am not especially talented.  At most things, I mean, the things people are generally talented at, which is to say the things that not everyone is talented at, so the people who are talented at them become sort of … Continue reading

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I’m in a wedding in a little more than a month.  This is the first time anyone has ever asked me to be in their wedding, which naturally leads to the assumption that I am a terrible friend and no … Continue reading

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A Good Ass Time

Because I’m no longer bartending on Saturdays, I can spend my time doing other marvelous things with which most of you are apparently already well familiar.  Having two consecutive days to not go to work?  I can go to the … Continue reading

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