My Two Boyfriends

I’m about as excited as a 16-year-old girl who’s about to get fingerbanged on a roller coaster, because Stephanie and I are getting drunk and co-blogging Fear tomorrow night!  I’ve mentioned before that typing while drunk is not one of my talents.  Lest someone thinks a monkey with stumps for hands has taken over my laptop, I’ll do my best to transcribe the mess on Sunday.

Assuming I’ll be capable of staring at a computer screen, of course, because after the co-blogging I have to go to a birthday party.  It’s Graham’s roommate, and I anticipate feeling mildly weird about being so drunk in their house.  Graham stopped drinking almost 2 months ago (which is amazing) and even though he doesn’t expect me to quit, it feels a little rude for me to be shitfaced in front of him.  Plus the majority of my drunkening will happen during the co-blogging, and he doesn’t so much understand the co-blogging thing.  Not because he’s dumb, but because he doesn’t like the Internet.

Yeah, I KNOW.

He’ll get excited about it every now and then, but for the most part, he doesn’t really need the Internet.  He doesn’t read blogs, he’s barely ever on Facebook, and any viral video reference I make goes straight over his head.  Again, he’s not an idiot…he just doesn’t care.  Which can be frustrating sometimes because the Internet is pretty much my second boyfriend, but also it can be nice, too.  The guy I dated before Graham was way more into the Internet than I was and we didn’t so much converse about real life as we had pissing contests over who could find the coolest thing online.  It got to the point where our IMs were nothing but links and “dood, have you seen…”  Guh.  Boring.

So Graham and I talk about things that actually exist, and although I’ll invite him over for the tail end of the Great Getting Drunk and Watching a Crappy 90’s Movie About Teenage Domestic Abuse Event, he probably won’t come over.  It’s not his thing.  But me?


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