The RFT tweeted for interest in a newspaper-sponsored, drunken spelling bee.  OH MY GOD.  Really?  Really??? For serious, guys, because I was BORN to do this.

I’ve only participated in one spelling bee before and I won it. Second grade, Ms. Marx’s classroom.  The word was “appear.”  I was the last kid to get a chance to spell it and I’d changed the spelling at least five times in my head.  While JP Lewis attempted the word, it occurred to me: there are two P’s in “appear!”

Call it an intellectual revelation.  My prize was either a dinky plastic Cardinals helmet (yawn, plus I already had one from a giveaway at the stadium) or a Babysitter’s Club book.  I chose the book.  I think it was the one where Stacey finds out she has diabetes.  Literally speaking, it was the equivalent of a “very special episode” of Full House.

Update: Now the RFT has tweeted thanks for the interest in the spelling bee, and that they’d like to make it happen.  Hooray!  Finally, a worthwhile skill to put on my resumé!

I can’t remember when I last told you this, but there’s loads more new fiction here.

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