Patience Is a Virtue But So Is Whiskey

I’m not competitive about too many things in life, but useless games played by children or drunks are my specialty.  Like, I could give a shit if I ever become a middle manager, but I will kick your ass at shuffleboard, and I am really good at Capture The Flag.

It’s sort of why I’m here.  My old blog server, Blog City, has announced that it’s shutting down in January 2012.  I initially wanted to jump ship right away because I’ve only been there for a year and my archives are still manageable.  Dudes, I know from unmanageable.  I’d been at my old old blog server for about three years before that.  Posting pretty much daily.  You do the math.  I always got D’s.

Less than 24 hours after the eventual shutdown notice, I came to WordPress and looked up my blog title.  Merde. Of course.  Seeing as though my Blog City is the top Google result for “Ephemera Etc,” I assume the wordpress domain is a dirty, stinking copycat.  I mean, obviously.  The next best option was erineph, as it’s become my online handle (do people still call it that?) for the past year or so.  See, it’s cleverer because my first name is Erin and my last name starts with F?  And I can still call the blog Ephemera Etc., even if my domain says otherwise.

But thanks to some helpful British tech support (really), I learned that a WP export file will be available within the next few months.  That’s a lot of staring at my poor, slow Dell screen and praying that some links/photos/videos/comments/memories, goddamn memories make it through that I won’t have to do.  I’ve already asked if I can renew my Blog City subscription until September 2011, or at least get a prorated fee until the WP export is available.

So until then, I’ll be hanging out here occasionally, updating my blogroll and saving all those precious links that look so cozily at home in the Blog City.  Have patience.  I’ll come here eventually.  In the meantime, please see me in my fake British home.

Pip pip.  Cheerio.

About erineph

I'm Erin. I have tattoos and more than one cat. I am an office drone, a music writer, and an erstwhile bartender. I am a cook in the bedroom and a whore in the kitchen. Things I enjoy include but are not limited to zombies, burritos, Cthulhu, Kurt Vonnegut, Keith Richards, accordions, perfumery, and wearing fat pants in the privacy of my own home.
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