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Love You Like I’m Probably Incapable of Doing

While a few of my friends are certifiable “I love you” junkies, for me the phrase is something more personal.  I don’t go flinging it around because I don’t want it to lose meaning, and by that I’m not being … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, Dave and I were discussing Mark Wahlberg.  Specifically, we were discussing how some friends had gone to the St. Louis premiere of The Other Guys and one of them had worn his Steel Dragon T-shirt. “Of … Continue reading

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My Two Boyfriends

I’m about as excited as a 16-year-old girl who’s about to get fingerbanged on a roller coaster, because Stephanie and I are getting drunk and co-blogging Fear tomorrow night!  I’ve mentioned before that typing while drunk is not one of … Continue reading

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I think I may have given myself a concussion today.  I was so stoked about the beautiful weather that I went home on my lunch break to open the windows.  I live in an old building, so some of those … Continue reading

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My Atheist Button is Just Below My Tail

Okay, so, this Ground Zero mosque thing.  I’ve avoided writing about it for awhile for a couple of reasons.  One, the majority of known Ephemera Etc. readers share my political views and nothing I say will come as a surprise … Continue reading

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Save Me, Daft Hippie Jesus!

On Friday nights, I like to get home from work and change into pajamas.  Then I make dinner for myself, drink a beer, and watch TV.  I’m usually in bed by 11. Why, what do you do on weekends? It’s … Continue reading

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Writing in the Bathroom

Stephanie got her 500,000th hit yesterday!  Hooray! This is a little bittersweet.  Sweet because half a motherfucking million, bitter because we both have to start over on WordPress.  Technically we can mentally add however many hits we have to the … Continue reading

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Outside the Government, Beyond the Police

Netflix Instant on the Wii and I are pretty much going steady by this point.  It’s not a very healthy relationship, either.  I completely ignore its terrible recommendations (ahem, dudes who made “Modify” and called it a documentary about body … Continue reading

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Infinity MPG

Graham and Ian did the Urban Assault Ride today and completed within the first 50 out of 300 teams.  And they were the only team to ride fixed gear, which is a really big deal when you’re talking about a … Continue reading

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Dream Me Wrecks Her Life

I had another baby dream last night.  Of all the bad dreams I have, the baby dreams are some of the worst.  Usually, I dream that I suddenly have a newborn.  I don’t remember being pregnant with it and I … Continue reading

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