Courtney and Mike’s Greatest Hits

Awhile ago, I got the idea to burn CDs and mail them to a few friends without telling them.  I wanted them to be nice surprises in the mail, because no one really gets anything from friends in the actual mail anymore, just like no one gets CDs.

Then Courtney beat me to it.  When I e-mailed to thank her, she said “Awesome.  It’s like instead of our periods coinciding, our ideas did instead.”

So I sent her two CDs.  I also sent a CD to Mike, who was on my original before-I-was-beaten-to-the-punch-by-Courtney list, as well.

(It only costs a dollar and sixty something cents to send three CDs from St. Louis to Seattle.  And they got there in a day and a half.  I’m thrilled by this but wonder why my Michigander landlords claim not to get my rent checks for weeks.  I also wonder why everything that was “fixed” by one landlord mysteriously breaks later on – ie, toilet that won’t stop running, electrical outlet that heats up when used, thus causing me to panic about the possibility of a house fire.)

Courtney hasn’t given me her verdict yet, but Mike enjoyed his CD.  I was initially worried that Courtney would already have everything I sent her, and that Mike wouldn’t like his at all.  This is why you’re supposed to have better musical tastes than your friends.  It’s hard to impress them if you don’t.

My Playlists category is one of my most frequently-viewed, so below is a compilation of Courtney and Mike’s Greatest Hits.  Plus a couple of other songs thrown in because I can (also because the CD Courtney made me is freaking great and I’d be remiss if I didn’t include at least three of my favorites from that mix).

Courtney and Mike’s Greatest Hits

Whittier Blvd., Thee Midniters
Make It Good To Me, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings
Certain Songs, The Hold Steady
Comeback Kid, Silversun Pickups
The World Is Going Up In Flames, Charles Bradley & the Menahan Street Band
Ghost, Neutral Milk Hotel
Nirvana, Tom Waits
Alison, Elvis Costello
Shotter’s Nation, Babyshambles
Four Winds, Bright Eyes
Ugly Love, Eels
Creep, Scala
Peacocks, The Mountain Goats
So Nice So Smart, Kimya Dawson
Mockin’ Bird, Tom Waits
That’s Him Over There, Nina Simone
My Alcoholic Friends, Dresden Dolls
Drunk Sincerity, Bad Religion
Apartment Story, The National
What’s Going On, Detroit Cobras
At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be), Fun (note: I don’t normally sing in my car but this song is fantastic…I find myself belting out its epicness no matter who is staring at me at stoplights)
Ask For Janice, Beastie Boys
Insight, Dead Kennedys
Distopian Dream Girl, Built To Spill
Amsterdam, Asylum Street Spankers
Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder), The Beach Boys
Step On Inside, Vietnam
Wonderwall, Ryan Adams
Take This Waltz, Leonard Cohen
My Heartbeat’s Dying, The Raveonettes
Call The Doctor, Bearkat
Jersey Girl, Tom Waits
Atlantic City, Bruce Springsteen
Paris, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes
Citrus, The Hold Steady
New Mistake, Jellyfish
Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn?, Evelyn Evelyn
Go Away, Kill Cheerleader
No Peace, Los Angeles, Mike Doughty
Reckoner, Radiohead
Sunday Morning, The Velvet Underground

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