This Is the Crazy Frog

I’m a little proud of never having heard a Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga song in its entirety.  I don’t understand the appeal of either, partially because I’ve never heard them and partially because I’m pretty sure they’re crap.  Miley Cyrus is probably crappier than Lady Gaga, but I’ve no interest in either one.

I do like Alex Blagg, so I followed a link to his liveblogging of Lady Gaga’s new video for “Alejandro.”

I may not know a lot about Lady Gaga, but I have seen The Soup and therefore I know that she used to be some regular chick from New Jersey who was occasionally on MTV hidden camera shows.  Considering her evolution from Jersey reality show skank to a person who manifested the – ahem – vision for “Alejandro,” I’m pretty sure she just woke up one morning and thought, “You know, if I’m going to be famous someday, I’m going to have to get really fucking weird.”

Nobody needs Lady Gaga giving full body massage to leather daddy Nazis.  Instead, all videos should be like this:


I don’t care what Justin says, either.  Stephanie was apparently hooked at 2:08, but I was sold on the brief spasti-dance at :52.


My 10-year high school reunion was last night.  As promised, I didn’t go.  Seeing some of those people under normal circumstances (ie, not crammed into a bar I’d never go to on my own and forced to make awkward conversation about why I don’t have any kids and they have, like, a million) would be fine, but the situation being what it was, I preferred to hang out at Arena with Chrispity Collins.

Sound stupid?  Fuck you, I get applause when I walk into Arena.  Also, I get a free ticket to tonight’s session of Heritage Fest.  Hmmm, show of appreciation for having been a good bartender on Friday, and no charge for dozens of locally-brewed craft beers on Saturday?  How can I be expected to reunite with my old classmates when I’m not even reuniting with my sobriety?

(I’ve counted at least one Facebook de-friending that I assume is due to me talking shit on the reunion.  Hee!)

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