Getting Off the Ass of My Brain

Other people’s pets are a lot like other people’s kids.  They can be okay in short, give backable increments, but anything longterm makes me want to permanently worship whatever brilliant soul invented strong cocktails.  And stock up on Plan B, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with dogsitting.

Wolfus is a cute dog with a decent personality, but preventing him from attempting to sodomize The Cat every couple of minutes was getting to be exhausting.


I may have disabled my Hitslink account after the free month trial, but Blog City has its own (vastly mediocre, but not nearly as soul destroying) tracker.  This month, one person found me from the Vagina Health section of, and another found me by Googling “is it okay to feed expired yogurt to kittens?”


In 2008 (I think), my New Year’s resolution was to write 1 new piece of fiction a month.  I succeeded all the way into February.  A couple of reasons why I didn’t follow through are that I’m lazy and I didn’t think anyone was paying attention.  It’s not that I required fanfare, I just wanted to know if what I was writing was any good.  I wanted people I knew to read it and say something.  But no one did, so I stopped writing.

A few months ago, Courtney invited me into a writing workshop.  Just a small Internet thing with a couple of people I’ve never met, but they were all interested in writing (mostly poetry) and I was super flattered when Courtney was in town and said she liked my blog.


I am so glad I joined.  Being in this group makes me do something with my ideas.  I’ll step out of the shower to write something down.  I’ll drag myself out of half-sleep to scribble a thought.  I don’t want to lose anything because sitting down and typing out a quick story that other people want to read (and pick apart, which I’m handling, like, 1000% better than I ever thought I would) gives me such a lit boner.

Not everything’s a finished piece, but I’m steadily posting stuff here now.  In case you’re interested.  But even if you’re not, at least 4-5 other people are.

So nyeh.

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