Graham and I were leaving Square One on Sunday when we stopped at a neighborhood yard sale in Lafayette Park.  Since everyone was close to packing up and the only items left were swords (no) and a rickety, swaying home bar (also no, but for less lethal reasons than saying no to swords), we decided to walk around the park for awhile.

If you haven’t gone to a Perfectos game yet, I highly recommend it.  I also highly recommend bringing coolers full of food and beverages.  All the picnic tables are in the shade, the game is free, and that guy who plays left field for the home team is pretty terrific.  No gloves, high arc to the chest?  No joke.

If you’re a non-St. Louisan, Lafayette Square is full of grand old houses, which are full of people with grand old salaries.  Based on the ton of dogwalkers we saw during the game, every single one of those people has a purebred.  This is clearly not an affectation restricted to the wealthy, because after a cruise of my Facebook feed, it seems that a number of people I know have also made the same decision.  Why adopt a mutt from a shelter when you can stroke off your vanity by paying thousands of dollars for an inbred, genetically-disabled designer dog?

Although I do love me some Richard “Wolfus J.” French.  He may be a purebred who came all the way from Lithuania, but I didn’t buy him.  I’m just dogsitting.

The Cat is used to dogs, but not dogs that try to put the totally gay, interspecies moves on him. Until Richard came over, I’d only seen The Cat hiss and scratch at someone once (my ex-husband, once it became clear he was a bastard).  Then it almost got humped by a top heavy, non-neutered dog, and got real bitchy real quick.

According to Richard, The Cat is insanely more attractive than Izzy.  Taking this picture was easy because Richard was fixated on The Cat, while Izzy stayed in the background like “I am not even going to get involved.”

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