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On Zombies and Julia Roberts

A long time ago (long enough that I don’t feel like looking up the link, meaning it’s buried somewhere in my old blog), I started having zombie dreams.  They started out as your average way to induce a panic attack … Continue reading

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Courtney and Mike’s Greatest Hits

Awhile ago, I got the idea to burn CDs and mail them to a few friends without telling them.  I wanted them to be nice surprises in the mail, because no one really gets anything from friends in the actual … Continue reading

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This Is New York

One of the things I do at Job 1 is answer phone calls related to beer distributors.  Specifically, company-owned distributors (of which there are 13 {I think}, but we only support 8 so far), which are generally huge and themselves … Continue reading

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That Time I Was Funny

Aunt Becky bemoaned the fact that web media groups don’t recognize blogs like hers ours (ie, blogs that say “fuck” a lot).  I read this and thought waaaaaaaa.  The Bloggies don’t pay attention to you and that’s sad because this … Continue reading

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Six Books for a Personal Pan Pizza

A friend of mine recently started dating a girl who’s a little…um…weird.  Maybe that’s unfair.  I’ve only met her a couple of times, and I’m sure what’s weird in her is partly due to her age, which is not very … Continue reading

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How Soccer Explains My Attitude

Whoa.  Via Boring Old Raphael via Jezebel, may I present the Seventeen Magazine Project.  Jamie Keiles is an 18-year-old girl who decided to spend a month living exactly as Seventeen magazine advises her (and millions of other teenage girls) to … Continue reading

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Mighty Fine

A short list of things I am bad at: 1. Math 2. Basketball 3. Serving I thought I’d get used to serving.  Not to sound like a dick or anything, but I’m a fast learner and become reasonably awesome at … Continue reading

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I’ve Been (C)hosed

Margaret Cho has cheeklashes.  I’m not kidding.  She does. This bizarre problem was brought to my attention because Brooke Shields pisses me off, and on Jen’s blogroll recommendation, I started reading Margaret Cho’s blog, or, as I prefer to call … Continue reading

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This Is the Crazy Frog

I’m a little proud of never having heard a Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga song in its entirety.  I don’t understand the appeal of either, partially because I’ve never heard them and partially because I’m pretty sure they’re crap.  Miley … Continue reading

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Getting Off the Ass of My Brain

Other people’s pets are a lot like other people’s kids.  They can be okay in short, give backable increments, but anything longterm makes me want to permanently worship whatever brilliant soul invented strong cocktails.  And stock up on Plan B, … Continue reading

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