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On Zombies and Julia Roberts

A long time ago (long enough that I don’t feel like looking up the link, meaning it’s buried somewhere in my old blog), I started having zombie dreams.  They started out as your average way to induce a panic attack … Continue reading

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Courtney and Mike’s Greatest Hits

Awhile ago, I got the idea to burn CDs and mail them to a few friends without telling them.  I wanted them to be nice surprises in the mail, because no one really gets anything from friends in the actual … Continue reading

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This Is New York

One of the things I do at Job 1 is answer phone calls related to beer distributors.  Specifically, company-owned distributors (of which there are 13 {I think}, but we only support 8 so far), which are generally huge and themselves … Continue reading

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That Time I Was Funny

Aunt Becky bemoaned the fact that web media groups don’t recognize blogs like hers ours (ie, blogs that say “fuck” a lot).  I read this and thought waaaaaaaa.  The Bloggies don’t pay attention to you and that’s sad because this … Continue reading

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Six Books for a Personal Pan Pizza

A friend of mine recently started dating a girl who’s a little…um…weird.  Maybe that’s unfair.  I’ve only met her a couple of times, and I’m sure what’s weird in her is partly due to her age, which is not very … Continue reading

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How Soccer Explains My Attitude

Whoa.  Via Boring Old Raphael via Jezebel, may I present the Seventeen Magazine Project.  Jamie Keiles is an 18-year-old girl who decided to spend a month living exactly as Seventeen magazine advises her (and millions of other teenage girls) to … Continue reading

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Mighty Fine

A short list of things I am bad at: 1. Math 2. Basketball 3. Serving I thought I’d get used to serving.  Not to sound like a dick or anything, but I’m a fast learner and become reasonably awesome at … Continue reading

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