How To Delete in 1945

Why do people make me do things? Specifically, why do people do ignorant things that make me do delete-y things? First I deleted people who bitched about aid to Haiti. Then I deleted people who supported requiring drug tests for welfare recipients. Now I’m deleting people who support the Arizona “illegal immigration law,” and I put that in quotations because it may as well be known as the Arizona Racial Profiling Extravaganza.

(I realize [because they’ve said so] that some people don’t like it when I veer political here, but…it’s my blog. Go read OMG Bunnies if you disagree.)

Supporting SB 1070 is entirely up to you, and I would never say that you’re not allowed to broadcast your opinions via Facebook. I don’t believe anyone should be censored there or anywhere else on the Internet. Groups who want to literally or figuratively “fuck the troops?” That’s your opinion. Groups praying for Obama to die? As much as I believe prayer works (I don’t), go right ahead. I’m sure you can and will find thousands of your ilk online regardless of whether your group is removed from Facebook or not.

But if you make public your support of a law that encourages racial profiling in a state where white people are the minority, I don’t need to make public my association with you. SB 1070 is racist in the extreme. Choosing to ignore this and focusing on “this here’s Uh-MARE-kuh ” is stupid. STUPID. How did you manage to get your hands on a driver’s license? Tie your shoes? Reproduce???

Example: Steve Nash plays for the Phoenix Suns. He’s a Canadian citizen who works in the U.S. with a green card. Now, let’s place Steve Nash at a traffic light next to Juan from Nogales, who also happens to be in the U.S. on a green card. Juan makes significantly less money than Steve Nash and is significantly browner, but they’re both here on the same document. They’re both legal.

Who’s going to get stopped per SB 1070?

And why?

Right. Juan’s not white, so he’s going to get stopped. That’s per the law that allows police to stop anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant and demand that they show documentation of their legality. And how do they determine who looks illegal? Steve Nash, who obviously has Canadian features (aside from politeness, do those even exist)? Me, who could be stowing away here from Northern Europe? Or Juan, who’s dark?

Like many things in life, this reminds me of a situation in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade. This is supposed to be the 2nd worst of all 4 movies, but it’s my favorite because I get all hot and bothered over religious conspiracy (and, um, young Harrison Ford, live River Phoenix, and any kind of Sean Connery). Anyway. There’s a scene where Sallah and Marcus Brody are wandering around a market in North Africa and they’re stopped by Nazis who demand papers. This is because everyone had to carry papers. If they didn’t have papers or if their papers identified them in an unsavory manner, they were considered enemies of the state and shipped off via cattle car to Auschwitz, et al.

Now, I am hardly the kind of knee jerk liberal to scream “Auschwitz ” at anything I don’t agree with, but SB 1070? That’s like the biggest piece of flair in Arizona. The flair the Nazis made the Jews wear.

My Facebook profile is mostly private, but anyone who visits can see the ephemera etc. link. In case the people I deleted are at all curious about my decision (if they notice, ahem), I hope they click. And read. And feel just a tiny mote of guilt for being racist assholes who wouldn’t know what illegal looks like if it sunk a three-pointer in their face.

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