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Obviously Biased Celebrity Deathmatch 2: Darlene Conner vs. Blossom Russo

…or, OBCD. ROUND TWO – Darlene Conner vs. Blossom Russo Darlene Conner had two living parents. Blossom Russo’s mom had either died or skipped town.  Nobody remembers because it was Blossom. Advantage: Darlene Conner Darlene Conner had one younger brother … Continue reading

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A Young Boy Puts a Feather Into His Mouth

I BOUGHT BOOKS!!!! No, I didn’t fail my new house resolution.  I got gift cards for my birthday, gift cards for books!  BOOKS!  And because I’m a member of Barnes & Noble (shut it, I still go to used bookstores … Continue reading

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