Two of Many Things I Don’t Understand

Graham and I got Thai takeout and listened to Marvin Gaye last night.  I realized while dipping a dumpling that this was exactly how I once wanted my twenties to turn out.  I could hang out with boys, eat dinner at 9pm, eat what I wanted to for dinner at 9pm instead of having to finish off that desiccated leftover green bean casserole of barf, and I could listen to music while sitting at a kitchen island.

Which is an odd thing to equate with adulthood, I know, and I also understand the fine line between listening to music while sitting at a kitchen island and being a huge douche a la The Big Chill.

Possibly it was Nick Hornby who wrote it, but you should never date (or be friends with, or borrow change from, etc etc) anyone who owns The Big Chill soundtrack.

While I’m on the subject of Music Other People Like For No Discernible Reason, why do boys like Hall & Oates so much?  Every manly man I have come across in the past year or so has such a boner for Hall & Fucking Oates.

Your Kiss Is On My Lips?  Come on, that’s a great song!”

“No, it’s a suck song.  And Hall & Oates is a suck band.”

And then they make the face like they’d really like to attack my musical tastes, or at least stop being friends with me.  Which is not my fault, because that is a suck song and they are a suck band and if you’re going to enjoy retro rock with major male sexual tension, couldn’t you like someone awesome like Queen?

I’ve been thinking of a way to ask this question, but what’s going on with Andrew WK?  I mean, what is he?  I know he’s a guy who does music and wears t-shirts with red ink on them, but…what’s his deal?  I’m not asking because I dislike him, I just don’t really get it.  I’ve asked other people before and all they say is “He parties and does what he wants.”

Well.  Okay.  I guess I get it?  Does he have a radio show or a podcast or something that would account for his still kind of weirdly underground version of celebrity?  Again, I don’t dislike him, I just want someone to explain it to me.

(I should note that I am aware of his song that is probably titled “She Is Beautiful.”  I’m not a fan per se, but the thought of someone referring to me while screaming “SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!” in someone’s face is kind of a turn on.)

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