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Tarnation Watch

I’m in the basement again.  I didn’t take the cats with me this time.  I figured they would be better off in the bathroom, but of course this means I assume they’re smart enough to hide in the bathtub if … Continue reading

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Two of Many Things I Don’t Understand

Graham and I got Thai takeout and listened to Marvin Gaye last night.  I realized while dipping a dumpling that this was exactly how I once wanted my twenties to turn out.  I could hang out with boys, eat dinner … Continue reading

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Don’t Look Now, But Your Balls Are Flaming

I started a mini Internet flame war when I posted an STL Today link about BigBalls kickball being booted from Tower Grove Park for being drunken buffoons.  My caption was something about the hipsters having to find somewhere else to … Continue reading

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Serve Yourself

Every time I thought about sitting down and writing this week, I realized I was either too busy, too tired, or too drunk.  Too busy results in unreadable scribble scrabble rife with typos that I can’t make time to correct.  … Continue reading

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I Saw Them When They Played The Max

I bought my tickets for Coachella for Wyld Stallyns and Barry Jive and the Uptown Five.  If you go for Zack Attack, you’re a loser. (coolest…thing…EVER…at least on the Internet this week.)

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A Love Story

6am Me loves 9:30pm Me.  When 6am Me zombie-walks over to the coffee machine and realizes all she has to do is press the on button because 9:30pm Me loaded up the machine the night before, 6am Me is filled … Continue reading

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If You Were Any Other Woman, I’d Be Turned On Right Now

According to my Facebook, I occasionally feel like Liz Lemon, but am more often Jack Donaghey. Aside from misspelling “Donaghy,” this statement is totally true.  I wish I could parlay my awkwardness into a nerdy-foxy-played-by-Tina-Fey charm, but the fact of … Continue reading

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