High As I Am Not Allowed To Be

I think there should be a photoblog for old photos where it looks like people are talking on cell phones, but they’re not because cell phones weren’t invented yet.  And because we’re all too conditioned to expect cell phones, it takes a second for us to realize, “hey, wait a second…Jim Morrison died before cell phones existed!”

I’ve been noticing these photos a lot more often lately, so if it’s not already a thing, someone should get on it.

Sometimes when I write things, I feel like I should clarify that I am not at all stoned.  I enjoy paychecks and health insurance (woot health care reform!), so I’ve signed a contract with my employer that allows them to randomly test my hair for drugs.  Which isn’t a big deal.  I get along just fine with alcohol.  It’s just that I have a stoner’s sense of humor, and in addition to assuming I’m gay and smoke cigarettes, a lot of people assume I get high.  Even though I don’t.

That said, this is really funny to me.

(because when I can get high, I am always the owl on the left.)


ed. to add: Goddammit.  What I get for reading the Internet a couple of hours after I post something.  While I do enjoy his blog — very, very much — I did not rip “Jim Morrison on a cell phone” from Stephen Falk.  Actually, the first place I noticed a “cell phones when there were no cell phones” photo was in Bruce Campbell’s autobiography, and the woman in the photo was a hooker, but I don’t have a scanner so I can’t prove it.  Sonofabitch Internet.

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