I’m Fed Up With This Werld

I hate to be one of those shitty, hipster, inside joke people, but can I just say that The Room?  If you don’t know it already, there’s no way I can explain it to you.

But also can I say thanks to Stephie for not shutting up about this movie, and also for yelling at me when I was planning on Netflixing it by myself.  So glad I drank that extra pot of coffee last night.  So glad I didn’t get rid of my garlic breath because it was one of the only things keeping me awake for the midnight screening.  So glad I showed up and we could watch The Office pot episode beforehand and that dude next to us had Tommy Wiseau’s accent down: “Oh no, now Denny will get back on the drugs!”  So glad Graham could be there and use the term “sausage paws.”

See how annoying that is?  I’m sorry.  I’m really, really, sorry.  I am sorry to hipster proportions, people.  It’s just so ridiculous and good, and I’m absolutely planning on taking at least 2 new people and a box of plastic spoons to next month’s screening.  You will be gleefully converted, I swear.  At several points last night, I actually heard myself going “Heee!”

I mean…my god.  What the fuck.


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