The Bloggingest Week 5: Large Marge Sent Me

(The Bloggingest Week is a week where I have mental diarrhea I’ve got way too much to say and/or I found a ton of cool stuff on the Internets and have to share it every single day.  You’ve been warned.)

I might be the last person I know to watch the Ok Go video for “This Too Shall Pass.”  I was obsessed with “Here It Goes Again” back when that came out (choreographed treadmilling? come on.), but since then I’ve gotten frustrated with the pauses and hiccups in online music videos and rarely watch them.  If Neil Gaiman hadn’t posted it, I probably never would have taken a look.

And dudes.  This video.  So great.  It appeals to the parts of me that like the breakfast scene in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure even more than the part with Large Marge.  Also, at the 1:50 mark?  PLINKO!  My favorite The Price Is Right game ever!

(video deleted in export)

Here is a story that isn’t interesting to many people outside of my own family:

Between the ages of zero and 4, my grandparents watched me every other day.  After my mother dropped me off in the morning, I’d watch 2-3 hours of news shows with my grandfather (the man loved soup, iced tea, and television news more than perhaps anything else in the world), then The Price Is Right with my grandmother, and then 2-3 more hours of news shows with my grandfather.  If I got tired of the news and the weather too shitty to play outside, I’d go to the back bedroom and watch Perry Mason for awhile.

One day when I was maybe three, my grandmother asked me if I knew who God was.  I sort of did.  My parents didn’t take us to church back then, but my other grandparents had a book about Heaven and Hell and I was already terrified by a picture of the Devil flying through a canyon full of fire.  Leave it to the Catholics to get horrifyingly graphic in a children’s book.  So I had a vague idea of God, but not much reference material.

“Yes,” I said

“What does God look like?” she asked.

“That’s him,” I told her, and pointed to the TV.  I was pointing at Bob Barker.

Yes.  I did.

Well.  I mean.  I saw Bob Barker every day.  He was old.  He had white hair.  He seemed very authoritative.  To me, Bob Barker was the closest approximation to God I could imagine.  Which I guess is better than if I had been a kid in 2008 and pointed to Drew Carey.

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