The Bloggingest Week 4: Hey, Preppy

(The Bloggingest Week is a week where I have mental diarrhea I’ve got way too much to say and/or I found a ton of cool stuff on the Internets and have to share it every single day.  You’ve been warned.)

What kind of lazy blogger am I that I can’t even keep up with my own meme?  The Bloggingest Week meant I was going to write something every day.  Then yesterday happened.  Get up at 5:30am.  Go to work.  Do work.  Pick up nephew after work.  Make him dinner, watch him play Wii boxing for the hundredth time (he’s good at but I don’t know why; he mostly scissors his arms all over the place while jumping on the bed for an hour.  Where does he get all these calories to burn???).  Sister comes home, takes over her own child.  Go to Ian and Shannon’s for Little Caesar’s $4 pizza deal, homemade hot wings, and Sin City (how have I never seen that before, and why is Frodo a cannibal karate master?).  Get home.  Collapse by 10:30.

No. Blogging.  At all.

This means I’ll have to post twice today.  Fewer people read what I post in the early morning, anyway.  I’ve found that if I post an entry at around 6pm on a weekday and post a link on Facebook, my views bloat up like a Midwesterner at a $2 Vegas prime rib buffet.  Which is nice, because that’s kind of why people with blogs write blogs.  It’s why we have site tickers.  It’s why we get pissed when someone with a lesser blog gets re-posted somewhere else.*

It’s why, as my friend Shannon put it, “IMHO, the RFT fucked the pooch by not including ephemera etc. in the blogger’s dozen article.”

I didn’t know about this article because I’m boycotting the Dana Loesch Tea Party issue (what a terrible, spoiled cunt she is), but I assume I’ve been blacklisted for badmouthing the hipsters.

Blogging.  I’ll get to it later…12 hours later.  Fuck, this is going to be a long day.

I miss being 13.  I still had to wake up early, but I could just learn stuff all day, come home and watch Saved By the Bell re-runs, and never have to worry about going to work.  Why didn’t I enjoy child labor laws back when they were protecting me?

But there’s this:

“I’m so glad I took a ride on your flying moped, Zack!  And to think I was going to stay in and wash my hair tonight!”

*Stephie, not talking about you.  I still bow to your bloggingness.  WOOT getting re-tweeted by Dave Holmes and Princess Melissa!

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