The Bloggingest Week 3: Who Needs Love When There’s Law & Order

(The Bloggingest Week is a week where I have mental diarrhea I’ve got way too much to say and/or I found a ton of cool stuff on the Internets and have to share it every single day.  You’ve been warned.)

Aside from what a lot of people think, I am not a lesbian.  Also, much to the disappointment of, oh, every single one of my ex-boyfriends, I have never kissed another woman.  I know it’s supposed to be a rite of passage for every young, single, and somewhat loose female in the world, but women have never interested me.

Plus I think a lot of them are fucking insane.  I don’t mean to be traitor to my gender and I know some 100% kickass females, but jeez.

Although there is no casual lesbianism in my past, there are a few women out there who I could definitely make out with if given the chance.  Nothing much.  I’m talking very vanilla, mouth-centric, sorority-girl-after-a-mixer stuff here.  Strictly making out.  Definitely nothing in the pants, because…vaginas.  Blech.  Not into them at all.

One of the women I’d make out with in, like, a second is Amanda Palmer.  I was only mildly aware of her until recently.  Thanks to Jen (one of those 100% kickass females I mentioned earlier) and Neil Gaiman (someone I don’t know but read his blog, and books, and plays, and everything), I’m now reading her blog and thinking I might look awesome in a corset, some garters, and a pair of shitkicking boots.

And what an epic love song.

“It tastes like sadness, it tastes like batteries, it tastes like asses…”


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