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Grown Secular

“For the record, I am not trying to convert anyone here. I am not a Jew for Jesus. I’m not really a Jew for anything, but I guess if forced to choose I would be a Jew for Everybody Chilling … Continue reading

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Currently Self Medicating With Hummus

Earlier today, I answered a statement – not a question, but a statement, and it was about pumpkin pie, of all things – with this sound: “BLEHHRRRRGH.”  Then I walked away.  No words came out of my mouth at any … Continue reading

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Grape Flavor and Doing the Daily

Jen and I had an e-mail discussion about blogging every day and how it doesn’t affect my views.  Which I really do care about, even though it’s a razor-thin edge because when I get a ton of views for some … Continue reading

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Free Willy, Indeed

My job is in “Information and Business Systems,” which is a fancy way of saying that I look stuff up.  One of the main things I look up is payment statuses (statusii?), so I get a lot of invoices sent … Continue reading

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High As I Am Not Allowed To Be

I think there should be a photoblog for old photos where it looks like people are talking on cell phones, but they’re not because cell phones weren’t invented yet.  And because we’re all too conditioned to expect cell phones, it … Continue reading

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My Home and Native Land

This morning, I received an e-mail asking me if I wanted to appear in a corporate video.  Normally my response to this sort of question is “no thanks,” but this morning it was “hell no, not even if you paid … Continue reading

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Car Bombs Away

In just under 5 hours, I’m going to work.  I took vacation from Job 1 today so that I could work at Job 2.  I’m salaried, so I still get paid for Job 1 even though I’m not there, and … Continue reading

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Deleting Idiots Since 1982

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present my blogroll.  (Point ——>) I’m really particular about my blogroll.  It’s only allowed to include blogs of friends, blogs of note, and blogs of note belonging to my friends.  If a blog becomes less … Continue reading

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I’m Fed Up With This Werld

I hate to be one of those shitty, hipster, inside joke people, but can I just say that The Room?  If you don’t know it already, there’s no way I can explain it to you. But also can I say … Continue reading

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My Tip is Your Dignity

Someone I know asked me if I wanted to do dominatrixing the other day.  Not to them, but with them.  Like, we’d both be dominatrixes and would dominate clients.  She’s already a dominatrix (sort of, she mostly apprentices with someone … Continue reading

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