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God Hates a Buried Loomie

Last week, I decided that I was going to have to start running.  I haven’t run for exercise since maybe my senior year of high school, you know, back when I was playing soccer year-round and didn’t feel like barfing … Continue reading

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Instead of Having This

In your family, Christmas might be a big deal.  Or maybe Thanksgiving.  Possibly Easter.  By “big deal,” I mean whatever kind of day makes everyone in your family plus, like, maybe 50 or so family friends come over to eat, … Continue reading

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If I Were Any Older I Could Act My Age

I had a balls day today.  Just…fucking balls. I started reading Amanda Fucking Palmer’s blog and now I’m kind of obsessed with this song.  Really, I’m playing it every single time I get in the car. “….and you can tell … Continue reading

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I Really Should Be Making a Spectacle of Myself

It’s not really living if you’re not doing it vicariously through someone you don’t even know on the Internet. Because I have this bizarre probably totally normal peeping Tom-style habit of scanning through the Internet until I can find blogs … Continue reading

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