The Bloggingest Week 1: Get The Fuck Out Of My Car!

(The Bloggingest Week is a week where I have mental diarrhea I’ve got way too much to say and/or I found a ton of cool stuff on the Internets and have to share it every single day. You’ve been warned.)

I’m on a Henry Rollins kick again. His pre-2000 writing can be pretty intense, so I can only re-read him once every year or two. Since he’s been doing more spoken word and TV since then, I’ve also looked up a few videos online.

This video is from the Henry Rollins Show on IFC (maybe the only reason I wish I had more than semi-pirated basic cable). I love the way Werner Herzog not only pooh-poohs being shot (“It was not a serious bullet,” what?!), but how he also essentially tells Henry Rollins to lighten up. Which, although I respect the man’s integrity, is something he really needs to hear sometimes.


I realize that I have a tendency to go off the deep end when I don’t like something. I bitch and complain and sometimes target other people who like what I don’t. BUT I do make the effort to make my rants funny. Whether I succeed is another story, but I try to have a sense of humor about the things I can’t stand, because if I don’t, I’m just a noisy malcontent who hasn’t yet learned that people are allowed to like different things.

That said, it really grates me when some people can’t let shit go. So someone likes Bret Easton Ellis or or mid-century modern furniture or Britpop and you don’t. Big. Fucking. Deal. If they’re not strapping you to an Eames lounger, Clockwork Orange-style, and forcing you to watch American Psycho set to a Blur soundtrack, what’s the problem? They have their tastes, you have yours. Why isn’t that enough for you?

And if it’s not enough for you, why not? What about your own life is so disappointing that you have nothing left but to tear others apart for something that doesn’t really affect you at all? Why can’t you just shut the fuck up for five fucking minutes, or maybe, if you really have to complain at a steady pace or you will die, try bitching about yourself for awhile. A little self-deprecation goes a long way, and everyone else will be glad you said what they were thinking all along.

That said, Henry Rollins is totally right about Nickelback.


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