Odds are, if you’re reading this, you have some kind of disposable income.  Access to the Internet usually equates to having one or more of the following:

1.) Some money
2.) Some free time
3.) Lots of information

I happen to have all three, but I’m also childless and gainfully employed.  But I’m not completely frivilous, and that’s why I gave $50 to the Red Cross International Response Fund.  I could not in good conscience know about the conditions in post-earthquake Haiti (hell, even pre-earthquake Haiti was basically a shithole, and I’m guilty enough for not helping then) and not contribute.

PLEASE.  Please consider donating even a small amount of money to a reputable disaster relief fund, preferably one that can earmark it for efforts in Haiti.  For Americans, the Red Cross is hugely helpful, and if $50 is too high for you, you can give just $10 by texting “HAITI” to “90999.”

This is a totally legitimate, White House-sanctioned effort, and when you think about it, $10 is nothing.  It’s not a tank of gas.  It’s not dinner.  It’s nothing you will miss.  Not a single one of us has even the smallest, most pitiful understanding of the desperation in Haiti on any other day, let alone now.  If this was you, if this was your family, if this was anyone at any place in the world that you knew, you would want nothing more than for the rest of the planet to see and do anything they could to help you survive.  Please give SOMETHING.

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