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Go With God, Crispy

Some guy called me a hipster last night. I know. When I asked him whatever led him to make that assumption, he replied that it was for two reasons.  To begin, I’d mentioned that the bar we were in used … Continue reading

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Anyway, What a Gorgeous Job for a Guy Around Sixty Five Years Old

Well.  Damn.  When someone like JD Salinger dies, I usually think “there goes another one from the team.”  The team is me and maybe you and everyone we think could be like us, or at least the ones who make … Continue reading

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Obviously Biased Celebrity Deathmatch 1: Alan Rickman vs. Guy Fieri

…or, OBCD. Obviously Biased Celebrity Deathmatch is a new Ephemera Etc. feature based on an idea cooked up by my deranged, pre-6am brain.  I hope to make this a semi-regular feature, because it’s really fun to make a celebrity who … Continue reading

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Blind Cats, Good Dogs

One of my favorite writers, Neil Gaiman, has been writing about his dying cat.  I can’t really link just one entry because there are several, which makes sense to me because if Marley had been dying for longer than a … Continue reading

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Three Degrees of Shawn Hunter

I am so glad the Internet has improved itself.  Back in high school, there was no Google and no Wikipedia, so school papers were still researched in a library.  With a card catalog.  Using the Dewey decimal system.  Whooooa, kids … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Pimp Others Before Thou Pimps Thyself

WARNING: I am about to be extremely annoying. I am about to call attention to myself, call myself attractive more than once, and glorify what some Mormons would definitely consider to be a drinking problem. I have also begun the … Continue reading

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Drink Beer, Tell Lies

In case you didn’t know, it’s really fucking weird to have a hangover at 11pm. Yesterday was the 10th Annual Fast Eddie’s Day.  My 4th annual, actually, but the important thing is that unlike Christmas caroling or eating herring on … Continue reading

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Master of Karate and Friendship for Everyone

I showed up at work yesterday in a great mood.  This was odd for the following reasons: 1.) It was 7:30am. 2.) I wake up at 5:30am. 3.) I was showing up at work. Not that I wasn’t glad for … Continue reading

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Odds are, if you’re reading this, you have some kind of disposable income.  Access to the Internet usually equates to having one or more of the following: 1.) Some money 2.) Some free time 3.) Lots of information I happen … Continue reading

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Products That Suck

(“As you can see, it sucks as it cuts!”  “Well it certainly does suck.”) It seems redundant to make fun on As Seen On TV items, but the amount of time and money given over to shilling this crap make … Continue reading

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