In the History of Ever

So I was nosing around my friend Jen’s blog and came across her friend Noelle’s blog, where I came across this video.  I’m not normally a big Sarah Silverman fan (terrific, you’re Jewish and say the n-word, use your LOWER REGISTER), but for a lapsed-Catholic-turned-atheist like me, this is pretty sweet.

PS – I ’ll write about it some other time, but in light of the fervently anti-all-religions-everywhere rants I’ve seen lately (published under the guide of jokes, which isn’t true because they’re not funny…like, at all), I just want you to know that you can believe in whatever cosmic dudes you want.  I don’t judge unless you do.

OH, and….

Don’t forget Three Cheers For the Weirs!

I’d really like to see A LOT of people there.  Plus I only know a few of the guaranteeds and not even all that well.  So please come.  Support my friend and her ultra-deserving family.  Distribute as you wish.  (And you might as well, because I’ll be posting a few reminders for the next week.)

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