Operation: Junior Needs a Home!


I rarely do public service announcements, so you know this is a biggun.  I know a dog who needs an excellent home.  His name is Junior.

Junior today

Junior is a nearly one-year-old American Bulldog mix.  He’s extremely sweet, housebroken, crate-trained, and comfortable living with other dogs.  The verdict is still out with small children and cats; sorry, but he’s never lived with them so I don’t know.  His owner is a friend of mine who already has two enormous dogs and just can’t keep a third.  (I normally look down on people who give away their semi-to-for-real-adult pets, but I can verify that she’s legit.)

Here is Junior’s background:

When Junior was about five weeks old, my friend (the aforementioned owner) saw someone chuck him out the window of a moving car.  Because of the neighborhood where this happened and Junior’s appearance, we think that these people were illegally breeding dogs and didn’t want one with a cherry eye.  This is a common genetic defect among bulldogs; it only cost $100 something to fix but illegal breeders who throw puppies out of moving vehicles aren’t so much interested in veterinary care.  Also, because he was thrown from a car, he had a few wounds but was otherwise okay.

This is what he looked like back then (cherry eye not pictured):

Junior as a puppy

My friend picked Junior up, took him to the vet, and got him neutered, de-cherry eyed, and dewormed.  Today, he’s healthy, insanely cute, and probably between 60 and 70 pounds.  He does have a slight issue with jumping on stuff (legs, laps, etc.), but this seems to be a learned behavior and can be changed.  Plus he just wants some love.

Let me repeat – Junior needs an EXCELLENT home.  He is an excellent dog.  Trust me, I would take him if I didn’t work two jobs and have zero time to take care of him.  Please pass this around to anyone you think might be interested.  You can respond via comment to this site.


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