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Pantyhose Wings

This is my friend Brennan. He is wearing his wife’s shorts.  His Halloween costume is supposed to be Steve Prefontaine (runner from the 70’s, Jared Leto played him in a movie before deciding that 30 Seconds To Mars was an … Continue reading

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In the History of Ever

So I was nosing around my friend Jen’s blog and came across her friend Noelle’s blog, where I came across this video.  I’m not normally a big Sarah Silverman fan (terrific, you’re Jewish and say the n-word, use your LOWER … Continue reading

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For several days now, I’ve been trying to convince my friend Brennan to go as Count Chocula for Halloween (because they look alike), and my friend Chris to accompany him as Frankenberry (because Chris owns two purple shirts).  Unfortunately, as … Continue reading

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What Wouldn’t Have Happened In Third Grade

When I was eight, I was convinced that I would never do several things that not only have I done, but some that I have done with what Eight Year Old Me would consider to be an alarming frequency.  The … Continue reading

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The other day, a female friend of mine sat down next to me and whined, “Why am I single?” “Palpable desperation?” I asked, but I was only partly kidding. The fact is, I don’t know why some of my single … Continue reading

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First, Donate. Second, Work.

First order of business: THREE CHEERS FOR THE WEIRS! My friend Stephie’s dad is a non-walking medical miracle.  I say non-walking because the most recent of his five major surgeries so far this year were the amputations of his legs.  … Continue reading

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Winter Reading List

Screw summer reading lists.  Those are for chumps.  They’re also for people who never read, because (with the sole exception of Fahrenheit 451 from my freshman year of high school) the only books on them are books that no one … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Clean Living

I’ve been feeling especially shitty lately.  It seems like every waking moment is filled with sadness, loneliness, frustration, and occasionally anger.  I know it’s all linked to the Marley situation (plus maybe I’m getting my period), but knowing doesn’t really … Continue reading

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Everything I Know About Eric Clapton

One of my regulars came in last week at his usual time, which is anywhere from an hour and a half to 10 minutes before close.  I’d been hoping to close early because by 10:30; I’d made an abysmal amount … Continue reading

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Roads, Trees, Fences

Beck (my nephew, almost 3, says “Jesus Christ ” a lot and recently discovered the word “buttsniffer”) loved Marley.  He loves pretty much all animals, but Marley was Beck-sized and never had a problem with him grabbing her fur and … Continue reading

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