Teh Kyoot

(That’s right, I wrote in lulz.  I can’t always say the f-word, you know.)

You know what you should do after a rough day?  Sit down at your laptop and image Google “bunny.”  Possibly “cute bunny,” depending on your day.  It works.  Look at this one.  He has a pancake on his head.

pancake bunny

Now look at this one.  He’s all gangsta because the local news just showed up in his neighborhood and he wants to be on TV.

bunny wants to be on the news

The below bunny looks exactly like the bunny I had to give back to the Humane Society because it was evil and psychotic and was throwing itself against the walls whenever it wasn’t trying to attack me for putting food in its bowl.  I cried for a whole day after doing this (I’d never given up an animal, and I’d had other bunnies in the past and they were terrific), until someone I worked with told me that her family used to breed bunnies, and that she was very familiar with mine.  “Oh yeah,” she said, “I wouldn’t have gotten a dwarf bunny.  They can be vicious.”

my bunny tried to kill me

And finally, this bunny knows you fucking farted.

bunny fart

Um, and by the way, has anyone found fuckyeahhappybouncythings yet?  JESUS.  Half of it is meh, but I found it while Googling for bunnies and am like yessssssssss.

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