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Doppelgangers in the Jungle

Did you know that you can search for your doppelganger on Google? Forgive me for not finding this out sooner, but apparently you can go to the image search and upload a photo of yourself (or your cat, or both … Continue reading

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I’m home again after taking part in the greatest wedding of all time, and like any really cool person, I’m super excited to hang out with the cats and take a shit in my own house. The two aren’t mutually … Continue reading

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We Live Here

You know how I’ve said about a hundred times that my favorite thing to do on weekends is put on a pair of fat pants and sit in front of Netflix? Yeah, okay, but here’s what I did this weekend: … Continue reading

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Feels Like

The Internet went out yesterday, causing me to have a mild freakout because a) I’m on deadine and b) I LOVE YOU, INTERNET. I guess I could have used the 3G on my phone, but it’s not the same when … Continue reading

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We Won’t Be Broke Forever

One week, several days, 2,300 miles and two nervous breakdowns later, we’re all moved into our new place in Seattle. It’s smaller than I thought it would be, so the house is still full of yet-to-be-unpacked crap and we’ll have … Continue reading

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This is BeeBee: BeeBee is a cat that hangs around our backyard. Well, that hanged around our backyard, because I haven’t seen him for a week and it’s odd for him not to show up at least once every couple … Continue reading

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I had my second-to-last appointment for my ¾ sleeve last night. I’d take a photo, but the bulk of what was done is on my shoulder, and it’s that dragging, wide needle grouping stuff that hurts like a bad sunburn, … Continue reading

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